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I have just learned that this wonderful wolf has died on March 10, 2010 from cancer.
I had the privilege on three separate occasions to be able to photograph Apache and his pack.
Sometimes he would come within inches of the fence....so close that he would be right there next to you. It was just mind blowing to be so close to an animal like that.....and could he ever howl...just hit the right note in a whistle and he would lift his head and arch his neck into a soulful song

To learn more about Apache's life and his pack..go to www.nywolf.org
In my early morning reading of several newspapers I found this...thought it would be of interest to many of my friends

Philanthropist Grinspoon shares love of books and Jewish culture - The Boston Globe

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Because I Can Not Help Myself....

My four furry friends...all rescues...3 cases of abandonment
That was long ago....and now they live for room service
'All My Children' actor James Mitchell dead at 89 :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: People

I always enjoyed his evil performances on All My Children....                      Shared via AddThis
much sympathy to his long time partner and companion....
and there I was the third car in line waiting at a red light..and kablamm!!! A schmuck ran in to the back of my car...I get out of my car and see pieces of car all over the road..I look at the young offending driver and say do you have a phone?, call the police..He says...I work for auto body shop(hmm, new approach to drumming up work)...I said again ...call the police..then he said to me..Don't give me any attitude....He is way to young to know how my attitudes run...so out comes my handy dandy camera.. to go clicky clicky....I call the police.
My car is okay...his car supplied all the broken pieces...good thing he works at an auto body shop. This is the second time that someone run into the back of a car I was driving...the first time the car was totaled... and I spent a lot of months recovering...listen fellow New York drivers...when the light is red, that means stop...when the cars in front of you are stopped at a red light that also means you have to stop. not stop after you have rammed someone in the behind....

Flo McGarrell 1973-2010

Here is another article I found just this morning...this time about a young man from the GLBT community...

Area artist dies in Haiti quake: Rutland Herald Online

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Today at work......

I handle hundreds of incoming calls everyday at the company I work...There was just one call today that I knew somewhere in my heart would come enventually. So when I heard my young friend just barely whisper my name I just had to put my own tears on hold and brace myself for his bad news..My young co-worker who was born and raised in Haiti had finally received the news that several of his relatives indeed had been killed in the earthquake..Watching him at work for a short while yesterday was difficult. Him trying to get his bearings straight through a sea of despair and anguish...he is young, the same age as one of my own sons. Until the call about his family he was in shock as to the ravaged condition of the country he loves...listening to him talk about the damage to the places that were familiar...he is a trained artist..a wonderfully imaginative painter who has a talent that is simply extraodinary....so listening to his visualizations
of what was and is no longer..blinking eyes that could no longer hold back tears nor shock..it is hard to witness what is being shown on the news...so hard to watch my young friend be challenged with such unbearable tragedy.
So here at home where I enjoy more than basic comforts, we gave a donation that will put a big pinch in our lives...at work it is "review" time... I am going to challenge my co-workers to donate their raise in an effort to help in some small way.. to give someone in Haiti a better than fighting chance to have hope..